A.C.E. Award The A.C.E. Award stands for Accepting the Challenge of Excellence.  The ACE student is one who has overcome great physical, emotional or social obstacles and is now eligible for high school graduation.  These students have persevered despite the odds to overcome hardships and to become successful students and citizens.  The successful candidate has a positive attitude and the determination to let others know that hard work and dedication can produce positive results.

This year’s A.C.E. of the Year winner is Eric Reynolds from Covenant Christian High School

Eric’s fortunes started to turn when he arrived at Covenant Christian after a difficult childhood involving moving to the United States from Russia as an adopted child.  The school provided positive role models and an outlet for his creative nature as art and construction projects worked their magic.  He spent most of last year creating an impressive statue of the school’s Warrior mascot and he played the part as a running back and defensive lineman on the Warrior’s undefeated football team.  Eric is involved with the Area 31 Building Trades Program and will attend Ivy Tech in pursuit of a degree in construction Management.  He also wants to travel with World Race, an 11-month mission trip to serve the needy around the world.  Upon returning he will be operating Love Construction to provide safe, affordable homes for all.


This year’s A.C.E. of the Month winners are:

Brandon Gross, Ben Davis High School

DeShawn Thompson, Speedway High School

Eric Reynolds, Covenant Christian High School