Thank You; staying currant on your dues is very important for the health of our Club

Collecting Dues on-line is new for us.  There are fees involved.

The bank fee for a full membership of $325.00 is $10.00, any help covering these cost will be appreciated.

If You would like to help offset these fees, or if you owe back Dues,


add your past due amount, or bank fee to the amount you want to pay, insert that number at checkout.
If you are just paying your dues only, click on the appropriate number below.


Full Member                                              $ 325.00

1/4 Year Full Membership                         $  81.25

Business  Member                                     $ 175.00

1/4 Yr Business Membership                     $  43.75

Family Member                                           $ 141.00

1/4 Year Family Membership                      $  35.25