Welcome To Exchange

The Exchange Club of Speedway began in 1985.  Since then we have returned hundreds of thousands of dollars back into our community.  By donating proceeds of fund raisers, volunteering our time, and supporting programs designed to promote better opportunities for all, we hope we’re providing positive influences wherever we can.

Today Exchange Clubs around the country promote our national project, the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.  The Exchange Club of Speedway has donated approximately 1.5 million dollars to the Children’s Bureau Inc. over the last 15 years.  We support the Gene Glick Family Support Center and Salute the Bureau’s array of programs targeting our Goals and promoting Our Mission.

Other programs of the Exchange Club of Speedway support the youth of our community.  We recognize and reward, not only the high achievers, but attempt to motivate the most challenged students as well.  Our ACE of the Year winner gets nominated by their school’s guidance councilor for overcoming extraordinary circumstances, but still persevering and continuing their educational development.  Our Youth of the Year Award winners are always outstanding students that demonstrate the value of volunteerism in their success.

Check out our fundraisers. Who says you can’t have fun while volunteering your time?

Join us for a meeting the 1st or 3rd Tuesdays of any month at Dawson’s on Main, 1464 W Main St, Speedway, IN, at 12 noon.